My Journey through Colorectal Cancer

My story….


I am a healthy 45 year old mom of 5.  In January 2015 I gave birth to our youngest child.  After a perfectly healthy pregnancy and delivery I suffered with hemorroids.  No one wants to deal with those!  Finally in December of 2015 I went to the doctor to get some medicine.  After waiting for 2 hours with an 11 month old, she skipped the scope and just prescribed me some cream.  She also ordered one of those mail in , do it yourself boxes to see if you have cancer.  Of course I stuck it in the closet and avoided looking at it.


In May of 2016 we relocated from Northern Virginia to Michigan for my husbands job.  In July I couldn’t deal with the hemorroids any more and went to a specialist and had them banded.  WOW!  That was the worst pain in the world.  After that I never got better.  Actually I got much worse!  I was sick at my stomach all the time and lived on crackers and diet cranberry juice.  Then the pain started.  My doctors all revolt when I describe the pain as having a broomstick stuck up your hind end.  It sounds graffic, but it gets their attention.  I make it clear I am just guessing how this must feel!


In November 2016 I started having non stop diarrhea.  Nice.  Then the explosive bowels and leakage started.  I thought I would never be able to wear white again.  This finally got me to schedule a colonoscopy.  A couple weeks before the appointment I had such horrible pain I thought I was going to have to go to the emergency room.  I took 800 mg of Advil and told my oldest if I wasn’t better in an hour he would have to drive me.  Of course the pain went away.


On April 20 I started the prep for the procedure.  I was worried because I wasn’t in the bathroom like everyone describes.  My stomach was so bloated.  When they got in there they saw the two tumors and realized I had a serious blockage.  When I woke up my husband was rubbing my back and looked horrible.  I asked what was wrong and he told me it was bad.  I had cancer.  I didn’t cry.  I was just in horrible shock.


And so the journey began.

I am a wife, mother of 5 (21-2), personal trainer, homeschooling mom and a life long Christian. I love to exercise, read historical fiction, biographies and uplifting books.  I eat healthy 75 percent of the time.  Have moved all over the country following my husband and his exciting career.  Love being a stay at home mom!


Diagnosed with Colorectal stage III cancer on April 21, 2017.  Began Chemo on May 15, 2017 at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor.